Charleston City Paper Restaurant Review- Jeff Allen 11/08/06

Blake Street, an anonymous lane in the East Side neighborhood, bounded by public housing projects and industrial port operations, certainly doesn’t draw an affluent crowd to its door. Hannibal’s Kitchen should. For five bucks you get a meat and three experience worthy of the late Alice’s Fine Foods.

“This evolution of tradition, which caters to the tastes of its customers, makes Hannibal’s somewhat different from humdrum purveyors of red rice, collards, and chicken. In a way it makes them more real, and more likely to generate the next culinary myth of the Lowcountry.”


Travel Advisor—Sharia of Washington D.C.

I was craving real Southern food when my daughter ran across a rave review of this neighborhood soul food joint in the local paper. It was about 1.5 miles from the Charleston Place hotel, where we were staying, and well worth the walk. It’s truly a neighborhood place — we were the only tourists in there — but the folks…

Oxtails and rice all the way baby! Melt in your mouth, bone and all. Thalia Cotrell


Charleston City Paper 10/10/12

The menu has plenty to choose from, but the specialty of the house is the sautéed crab and shrimp with grits. Or you could get fried fish and grits. Either way, you’ll be starting your day right.


LocalEats.com- Diner Review

“It appears forbidding, but Jane and I were made to feel at home; actually, we were treated more like family than customers, enjoying a constant back-and-forth joshing with the staff about how we were enjoying the various items we ordered. Wanting to try everything on the menu, which includes such soul standards as smothered pork chops and fried whiting, but also expands plate-lunch possibilities to include peppery shrimp fried rice, we overordered and plowed into a meal of turkey necks, shrimp fried rice, okra stew with pig tails and crisp-fried shark, all sided by clove-accented braised cabbage and followed by sweet-sweet sweet potato pie.”

– Michael Stern, Roadfood.com, Nov. 5, 2009


Menuisms Restaurant and Dish Reviews- 11/5/04

We Love Hannibal’s Kitchen. My family always enjoy the delicious soul food Hannibal’s has to offer. I mean it’s seasoned to perfection. It’s a family run business & they make you feel so welcome. The decor is plain but your taste buds will be more than satisfied.


UrbanSpoon.com- Diner Review

Growing up in downtown Charleston, attending Our Lady of Mercy Church great food is always close by…I had no clue just how close this place was. My mother took me to Hannibal’s since the place I normally stop at during my visits to Chuck-town was closed.


The minute I walked in and read the handwritten food selections on the board, I knew I had been transported to the city I love CHARLESTON!


On my first visit I had the Lima Beans with white rice and Fried Pork Chops. The food was extremely hot and fresh. With each bite the taste warmed my heart just knowing I was back home.


The second trip I made, we had a blue crab gravy (?) over white rice (we eat rice with everything). This dish contained huge pieces of crab meat, fresh peppers, onions and tomatoes.


This spot is well worth the trip. Don’t let the outside fool you. The staff is friend and southernly kind! Great prices!


Yelp- Demetria M of Charlotte, NC

This place is truly a gem in the hood.  Forget about all the hype of Hominy Grill and the other overrated spots and go to Hannibal’s for the real deal!  My only issue is that they’re very slow, but perfection takes time:-).  I had the crab and shrimp sauté over grits and it was delish!  The breakfast menu also includes smothered pork chops(yes for breakfast), cornbeef hash, fried whiting, shark steak, salmon, eggs, bacon, etc.


Yelp- Clifton G. of Davidson, N.C.

Yep, the food was great! The lady that helped us was delightful!! And the food choices interesting! 

Not a sweet guy, but theirs was just right. 

If your looking for fancy insides, well not, BUT a welcoming place, comfortable seats, Great food with good prices give this place to go!! It was a nice place!


Facebook- Erica Jones of Charleston



Facebook- Brenda Jenifer Pearl of Charleston

Simply AWESOME… had to try the Oxtails… Baaaaaaaaby… 
YES… y’all don’t know what you’re missing…