Hannibal’s Kitchen

Papa Hannibal
1st Generation, Grandparents
Far left and far right: Mr. and Mrs. Hannibal, Robert and Lydia Huger
2nd Generation
L.J. Huger
3rd Generation
L.J.'s Daughter's, Safiya Grant and Felicity Huger
Legacy of Black Entrepreneurship. Hannibal’s was established in 1985 by the Huger Family. The name “Hannibal” was the nickname of the Family patriarch, Robert Lawrence Huger. It was decided to name this newly established business in honor of him and the business foundation he laid as a Lasting Legacy for the family. The name “Hannibal” comes from the great African General and Ruler whose victories against superior Roman forces, won him enduring fame that outlasted his native country within North Africa. His crossing of the Alps remains one of the most monumental military feats of ancient warfare and has since captured the imagination of the world. In a very similar way, “Hannibal Huger” succeeded in the business world against the odds, and has served to capture the imagination of a new generation of “Huger Family” entrepreneurs. Hannibal’s Kitchen became very successful and well known in the Charleston area under the leadership of Hannibal and Jessie Huger. Their guidance and personality was the driving force that made it possible for the restaurant to grow. Hannibal’s has continued to be involved in the betterment of the community partnering with St. Julian Devine Community Center and the Eastside Neighborhood Council to sponsor street festivals, Community Cookout, and youth activities including the Phillip Simmons Basketball Programs, and Midnight Basketball Programs.
Hannibal’s Kitchen isn’t one of those fancy restaurants with an exquisite atmosphere and finery, but it serves some of the best soul food cuisine in the area. Owner L.J. Huger says the family owned & operated restaurant has “been feeding the soul of the city” for more than 40 years because what the restaurant lacks in ambience, they more than make up for in taste.  
Sani & Felicity Huger, LJ’s daughters, now manage the family owned business. They continue the family tradition of providing the community with authentic lowcountry cuisine at an affordable price.
March 2020 "Southern Living" Magazine Featuring Hidden Gullah Culture of Charleston.
Safiya is holding Hanniabal's signature dish "Crab and Shrimp Rice".
You have to try Hannibal’s signature dish “Crab and Shrimp Rice”. Salmon, shrimp, and shark steak are also best-sellers during lunch rush. “We can’t keep shark steak,” Huger says. “But you’ve got to have your lima beans, okra soup, fried chicken, pork chops, and collard greens — basic seasoned Southern foods. He describes the fare as Southern ethnic.  

This heritage is represented in the churches such as Emanuel AME, gravesites, Gullah themed eateries, and other culturally and historically significant sites peppered throughout the neighborhood. There are many dedicated to preserving this heritage and the diversity it creates within the City of Charleston. Hannibal’s Kitchen does its part in preserving this rich culture by presenting authentic culinary dishes from the local Gullah culture for the world to enjoy.


The Eastside of Charleston, full of urban Gullah History & Heritage.

Feeding the Soul of the City; where all can come for good home cooked meals.

Even though we are closed for in house dining, you can enjoy our patio.

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